Beauty Products: It’s Not Just What You Use, It’s How You Use It


Hi beauties! I’m currently smack-bang in the middle of moving and both without my lightbox and the majority of my cosmetics. In the interest of keeping the blog active, I’m gonna hand you over a guest post you might get a kick out of. It has an unusual, almost scientific style that I’m not sure I’d ever try to pull off myself, but I’m curious as to what you’ll think. Regardless, you’ll no doubt learn something about the beauty tools you’re using.

Guest Post

The concept of the right tool for the job is one that has been with us for as long as there have been manual tasks to complete. We have been finding things that needed to be solved, and then finding the solution. Once we find that, then the rest of time has been devoted to making the solution better.

As a quick aside, did you know that the slotted screw was invented three centuries before the screwdriver? Before the 1800s, we had screws and, it seems, would turn them using whatever implement came to hand. Why it took so long to come up with it is hard to say. But it’s an indication that just because we have a tool for the job, it doesn’t mean it can’t be bettered.

Human development and the search for the right solutions is an endless process, and the same is true of beauty products. If you have been wearing makeup for more than a decade, do you use the same implements now that you always have? It’s neither a judgmental question nor a rhetorical one. Some of us trust the classics, but an increasing number of us are looking to come at it a different way.

eyeshadow (Image Credit: Pixabay)

While there are many of us with a makeup bag packed to the brim with brushes, we’re using them less and less as a cosmetics essential. It wouldn’t be a great idea to throw them all out, but many people are finding that sponges are more versatile and applicable. Blending sponges seem like the tool for a more even application of cosmetics. They require some after care, but it is worth it for the benefits they bring.

It’s fair to say that, as with every tool invented since the dawn of time, there is a choice between blending sponges. Choosing a beauty blender is a task that requires some knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the tools available. It is worth mentioning this, because using the wrong one means less than perfect results. And if you’re going to pay for quality, you want to ensure that quality is achieved, right?

beautyblender (Image Credit: Becky Stern (Flickr)

Different beauty blenders will achieve different effects. If you’re looking for the sponge that will give you the best highlighting effect, then the same sponge will not work as well for tanning. Different types of makeup will be best applied using different types of sponge.

While you can make a decent fist of the job using limited tools, if you want a flawless look you need a flawless approach. It’s worth bearing this in mind when you’ve got limited space and a job to do.

Sometimes it seems like new products hit the market quicker than we can keep up with them, but the reason for this is simple. As with the – admittedly longer – wait for the screwdriver to be invented, it’s not that there aren’t tools already available. It’s simply that the perfect tool is not an easy thing to achieve. Just check your nearest DIY store: they’re still trying to get the perfect screwdriver!



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