Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk (JPK002) Review + Swatch


Well, summer’s officially over in Australia. And, we move into Autumn, I’m wishing back Spring. Fortunately, I have several reminders of my favourite season on hand in the form of Etude House’s Sweet Recipe collection for Spring 2013.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of this collection before now, I strongly encourage you to check out my first Sweet Recipe post for more details. For everyone else, here’s a little reminder: This Spring collection is inspired by the Brothers Grimm Classic, Hansel & Gretal, and embodies the same playful, girly vibe we’ve come to expect from Etude House products. There is a focus on dessert-esque packaging, “vibrant textures and sweet fragrance” throughout the line. The collection is, interestingly, supplemented by a Youtube drama starring the boys from SHINee and F(x)’s Sulli and Krystal.

Tonight, I’m going to be reviewing the Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk (wow, that’s a mouthful) in JPK002, a fragranced lipstick with a jelly texture.

 While I’m going to be focusing on JPK002, there are seven other colours in the line, as pictured below.

I believe the colours are supposed to represent different jelly bean colours, but they also have a summery, citrusy kind of feel to me. JPK002 comes across quite pink in the promo shot above, but in reality it has a slight tinge of red to it.

The packaging? Adorable, as expected.   The container is pink and covered in jelly beans, while the lipstick itself comes in a white tube with a ring of beaded pink around the base. It’s now sitting next to the Princess Etoinette lipstick on my vanity. As with that lipstick, it has the Etude House logo embossed on it.

While the packaging is important (to me, anyway ), I’m sure you’re more curious about the lipstick’s performance. Like the Crystal Shine Lips lipsticks, the Dear My Jelly Lips-talk line can look a little bit sheer upon first application. However, I found that it’s fairly easy to build up the layers until you’ve got the opacity you’re looking for. Because of its thin but moisturising consistency, over application won’t end up feeling cakey or look clownish.

Although they’re are described as lipsticks, Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk are more reminiscent of tinted lip balms. Once applied, they feel quite emollient (which is probably a plus for people heading into spring/summer) and they give a nice amount of shine to the lips. While there appears to be the tiniest flecks of glitter in the product, I didn’t notice any on my lips.

As far as longevity goes, they initial shine does wear off quite quickly if you’re eating or drinking. However, it leaves behind a pretty my-lips-but-better tint for hours.

One other thing you’ll notice about these lipsticks: they’re fragranced, as promised. The scent isn’t too overpowering, but when it’s first applied, JPK002 does smell like a pink jelly bean (and maybe rose?), which I think is a lovely touch.   I’m curious to know whether they all have the same fragrance or whether it depends on colour.

For anyone curious as to how the colour compares with PPK002 from the Princess Etoinette Collection, I’ve swatched them together.

 I’m not sure if the photo does the difference justice, but to my eyes, JPK002 is considerably redder. Sorry for the blur. You can definitely see the moist, jelly texture, though.

I also apologise for giving you such a sub-par picture of the lipstick on my lips. I really hope to edit this post (tomorrow?) with a picture of myself wearing the lipstick as part of a full-face of make-up, instead of in isolation.

Bah. Well, here’s a photo of me wearing it, but it turned out a little over-exposed. Hopefully a combination of the two pictures and the swatches will give you some indication of how it appears in reality, though. 

Getting down to it…

  • Fans of cute packaging – so adorable
  • Lovers of sweets (reminds me of eating jelly beans) & fragranced cosmetics
  • People looking for buildable colour that won’t look clownish even with a heavy hand
  • Anyone who prefers moisturising balms to matte lipsticks

  • Anyone wanting a matte or bold finish
  • Anyone who isn’t overly fond of moisture
  • Someone who wants long-lasting lip-colour that can withstanding eating/drinking
  • People who don’t like tracking down cosmetics online
  • Anyone sensitive to fragranced cosmetics

The Dear My Jelly-Lips Talk formula impressed me more than I thought it would. I think it might be even more moisturising than the Etude House Crystal Shine Lips line, without losing any opacity. I’ve seen reports that  Etude House lipsticks are routinely sheer, but I don’t really find that to be the case. One swipe gives you a nice pop of colour, three swipes gives you more intensity. I don’t like that the shine wears off as soon as I eat or drink, but I do like that it leaves an even tint on my lips as opposed to a weird ring of colour.

Overall, I think it’s another awesome product from Etude House.With a price tag of around $8.50 on English Gmarket,the quality is quite a lot higher than what you can get in Australia for a similar price. I’d recommend these for spring/summer, because they offer a pretty pop of colour without being too loud. Also, your lips will probably thank you for the non-drying formula. 

You can pick these up at Etude House stores across Asia, English Gmarket and a host of other sellers. Just watch out for ridiculous price mark ups.

Have you tried any of this line? How do you feel about fragranced cosmetics? Let me know in a comment~


* I was given this product to review as an Etude House Pink Bird. However, my opinions are my own and uncompromised.




  1. I read a review somewhere that she don’t like this because it feels too oily but it maybe the preference of the person..anyway, nice review~ :D

    • Well, my lips are super dry right now. If she already had soft lips, maybe she’d appreciate it slightly less? I don’t know. xP Thank you. ^^

      However, I might add that to the ‘who might not like’ when I get a chance.

    • Thank you. x3 As I said in my other comment, still a bit confused about how Reddit works, but I’ll go exploring. :P

      • Tiffany Martin on

        It’s super simple but it takes (I’d say) about a month to get used to it. Feel free to practice in /r/asianbeauty, we’re a friendly group and I’m the mod so I’ll help out ^_^

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