Etude House Color Pop Dear My Lips-Talk Lipstick Review + Swatches


Etude House Color Pop Dear my Lips-Talk

So far, Etude House’s Color Pop collection for pre-summer 2013 has brought us some trendy nail polishes and some delightfully bold lip-tints, both of which I highly recommend. Today, we’re going to take a look at the Dear My Lips-Talk lipsticks. Specifically, OR217. Are they worth hauling? Keep reading to find out~

What is it?

What Etude House line would be complete without a new set of Dear My Lips-Talk lipsticks? The Color Pop line sees us introduced to ten new vibrant shades of lipstick. As with the lip tints, orange and tangerine hues dominate, but a couple of red and coral colours have also found their way into the line up. These babies are learning towards a semi-matte finish and boast a creamy formula. Unlike many of the products we see from Etude House, the Color Pop lipsticks are shimmer and glitter free.  I have the shade OR217, which is an orange with yellow undertones.

Etude House Color Pop Dear my Lips-Talk

The exterior packaging has the same retro feel that the lip tints do (complete with wacky polkadots), while the lipstick itself is much more similar to the Sweet Recipe lipsticks, sporting an almost toy-like tube with a cute bow embellishment.  As usual, Etude House’s adorable logo is embossed on the tube. If I’m not mistaken, the lipstick also has a faint orange taste/scent when first applied, but it’s decidedly more subtle than the tint’s. It’s little touches and attention to detail like this that make the brand a favourite among young women, I think.

Etude House Color Pop Dear my Lips-Talk

How did it perform?

Right out of the gate, I have to say that I have a love hate relationship with these lipsticks. Firstly, it must be noted that they’re pleasantly pigmented, particularly for the price. I’ve seen some beautiful swatches of the red shades, in particular. OR217, too, was opaque within a swipe or so.

Colourwise, I like the Etude House isn’t afraid to go for some bolder shades. However, I have to say that this particular shade was slightly at odds with my skin tone. I think it’s probably best suited to someone with warm undertones and medium to dark skin.

Etude House Color Pop Dear my Lips-Talk

I found application more difficult than expected. The formula is a little waxy, for lack of a better word. Despite the semi-creamy finish, the lipstick seemed to tug over my lips, which made for a patchy application and a really undefined lip line. Although I applied lip balm prior to testing the lipstick, it still managed to drag and accentuate dry areas.

Etude House Color Pop Dear my Lips-Talk Swatch

Here is a swatch of a Color Pop lipstick next to one of the jelly lipsticks from the Sweet Recipe range. You’ll notice that the Sweet Recipe lipstick looks a lot more hydrating and applied more smoothly. That’s the formula I was hoping these would have. 

Wear-time is a definite pro. I managed to get a good six or so hours out of OR217. When it does fade, it does so evenly enough to leave a stain that doesn’t make me look like I did my make up in the dark (always a plus).

Etude House Color Pop Dear my Lips-Talk Swatch

Where to buy?

RRP: 8,500 Wons ($8ish AUD/USD)

Online Price: $9-13 AUD/USD

If you live in Asia, you may have an Etude House store you can pick up this product from. If not, English Gmarket is probably the next closest you’ll get to retail price. The online price is based on the prices given by a few major online retailers, such as eBay and w2beauty.

Etude House now has an official eBay account, though not all products are listed there, yet.



  • Fans of bright colours (orange reigns supreme, this season)
  • Fans of cute, scented products (Etude House rarely disappoints in this department)
  • People looking for pigmented lipsticks at a budget price


  • Fans of the more moisturising Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk lipsticks
  • People who live outside of Asia and don’t like to shop online
  • Anyone with very dry lips
  • Pale people with pink undertones (specifically referring to OR217, it didn’t suit me)


I wanted to love these lipsticks, because I’m a big fan of the Sweet Recipe and Princess Etoinette lines. They have awesome pigmentation and great wear time. However, for dry lips like mine, the formula settles in fine lines and can be difficult to apply. If you’re lucky enough not to suffer from dry lips and you’re looking for a super opaque budget lipstick range, you might just love these. Otherwise, I’d suggest you check out the Sweet Recipe range instead.

Beauty Junkie asks: Have you ever tried anything from the Color Pop range yet? Can you rock oranges or are they not for you?

* This product was provided to me as an Etude House Pink Bird.  I was not compensated in any other way. My opinions are my own and uncompromised.



  1. Tiffany Elle on

    I just got mine a few days ago and I pretty much was going to say the same things. I don’t think I have particularly dry lips but these just don’t look good on me. Thumbs down for me :(

    • You too, huh? It’s a shame because I usually like the lipstick formulas from Etude House. I’m going to try layering one of the lip tints over the top and see what kind of result that gets, at some point.

      • Tiffany Elle on

        That’s the only way I found mine to be wearable but boy is that a pain to have to do both steps, and then it’s really drying too :(

  2. Fräulein Schnee on

    I’m always a little bit sceptical about too bright colors, especially since I have pigmented lips…and if the lipstick is also settling into the lines it really looks terrible :(

  3. The Serotinal on

    I’m a big fan of orange and coral colors, but my lips are dry so this probably won’t suit me. Loved the Dear My Jelly lipsticks though!

  4. skinandtonics on

    Aw man! What a let down. I have dry lips, and I’m really not a fan of the orange lipstick thing happening this summer. My teeth are pretty white naturally, but these orange lipsticks seem to find any trace of yellow in my teeth and then amp it up to the max. I feel like I need to go get my teeth whitened in an industrial strength facility before I can even consider this trend.

    Great review, by the way. I am definitely going to try some Dear My Jelly Lips in the near future.

    • Ugh, I totally feel that. I have the same trouble with purples and some oranges. >_>;;

      Thanks. ^^ I really suggest it. The formula is a lot more forgiving for dry lips.

  5. My lips are really dry, so meh – guess I have to pass on this one. But lovely review!~
    – A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  6. Awesome review! I think they look quite nice on your lips! I have yellow undertone skin, so I’m not sure if orange would be an idea lip colour for me, since it might make me look too citrus-y? xD but I’ve always wanted to try one though. >.< Haven't tried any products from the Color Pop line, no money. =3=

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