Etude House Dear My Blooming Eyes Palette in PK001 Heart Fluttering Pink Review + Swatches


Tonight we’re going to take a look at another Etude House product from my recent Pink Bird Box. Dear My Blooming Eyes palette in Heart Fluttering Pink (PK001), enter stage left! This palette marked my first ever experience with one of Etude House’s notoriously glittery eye shadows. How did we get on together (…why am I trying to make it sentient? )? Read on to find out…

What is it?

The Dear My Blooming Eyes collection is a series of palettes released by Korean cosmetics company, Etude House. The palettes come in six different combinations: OR201 Coral, PK001 Pink, OR202 Orange, BR401 Gold Brown, PP501 Purple, and BR402 Beige Brown. My review focuses on PKoo1, otherwise known as Heart Fluttering Pink.

Each palette consists of four complimentary colours that come together to create a complete look. The back of the packaging takes it a step further, with instructions showing you how to create the look. The diagram is a life-saver for those of us who don’t speak Korean. 

The packaging is everything we’ve come to expect from Etude House. It firmly straddles the line between princessy and practical, with the eye shadows housed in a pretty but sturdy pink container embossed with the brand’s logo. Even the open/close latch is disguised as a bow.  As for the eye shadows themselves, PK001 comes with a gold shade, a grey purple shade, a pink shade and a coppery brown shade.

Inside, there’s a convenient little mirror for touch-ups on the go. I haven’t used the applicators myself, but I’ve read on other blogs that they’re surprisingly good quality.

How did it perform?

You may know that I’m generally more of a matte fan. So, when I first got a look at these shades, I was sceptical. I didn’t think I could pull off such an onslaught of glitter. I tentatively pressed the eye shadows with my finger. They were surprisingly smooth and soft, though that buttery quality came with a fair bit of fall out.

After a few days of just staring at the palette, I took the plunge and tried to follow the instructions on the back of the packaging. It was a complete disaster. All the colours ended up looking like one muddy mess. It wasn’t wearable at all. While I’m no make-up artist, I don’t think there was anything too wrong with my application. I’m thinking that possibly the look was designed for predominately monolids? Not only are my eyes not monolids, but they’re also really(impractically) deep set.

Next, I tackled the palette again using my own method. I used the gold in the inner-corner and brow-bone, the pink in the center of my lids, the brown as my crease colour and the grey-ish colour for the outer v. I apologise for the messiness, but it was a spur of the moment look.

As you can probably tell, it turned out quite a lot more wearable this time around. It’s glittery, but if the brow bone colour was replaced with a matte shade, I think it could be a pretty, wearable day time look, still. You’ll notice that the look is quite gold/brown. Although the palette is called ‘Pink’, the pink is actually the least pigmented colour of the bunch, sadly. That said, it’s quite a beautiful, soft shade for those looking for something more subtle. Just be careful not to let it get overshadowed (so to speak) by the other colours.


The rest of the shades go on quite smoothly and with reasonable pigmentation, especially with the help of a primer. I would definitely suggest you use an eye shadow primer with these babies, because it’ll intensify the colour and prevent some of the fall out. On that note, expect fall out, fall out and more fall out. A slight issue I had with these is that I tend to end up with glitter particles on the tops of my cheeks after application. Even then you remove all your eye shadow for the day, you may notice little flecks of glitter that just refuse to be removed and leave you sparkling for the rest of the night. 

Staying time is so-so. Like most glittery eye shadows, they lost a bit of intensity throughout the day, but I didn’t notice any major issues with lasting power.

Where to buy?

RRP: $11- 20 (I don’t know the official Etude House price, so this calculation is based on a search of 4 or so popular online retailers, including English Gmarket, which is probably close to retail, and eBay, which is probably obscenely jacked up)

If you live in Asia, you may have an Etude House store you can pick this palette up at. If not, English Gmarket is probably the next closest you’ll get to retail price. You may also be able to find the product at Korea Depart or, as a last resort, eBay.



  • Fans of glittery eye shadow – these shades are loaded with the stuff
  • Etude House packaging junkies – you have to admit that these are pretty cute
  • People looking to experiment with glitters while sticking to soft, natural colours
  • People looking to experiment with complimentary colours for under $20


  • Glitter haters move on, there’s nothing to see here. 
  • People (outside of Asia) who dislike having to shop online
  • Anyone who doesn’t have time to deal with fall out


Despite some issues with fall out, this eye shadow quad surprised me. Despite the insane amount of glitter, with careful application, even a matte fan like myself can create a soft, wearable look without too much trouble. The colours are soft and easy to blend and wear time is fairly reasonable. If you’re a fan of shimmery eye shadows, I think you’ll probably enjoy this palette. If not, you still might be surprised by this offering from Etude House. I’m not suggesting you jump straight into using it for every day looks, but I think it would make a nice addition to a night out look, if you can get it around retail price.

Beauty Junkie asks: Have you ever tried any Etude House eye shadows? Are you a fan of glittery eye shadows or do you prefer matte colours?



  1. i love glitter haha, so it’s good to know that this one works pretty well. i have an etude house eyeshadow coming in, i’m excited to try it out/review (:

  2. Oh thanks so much for reviewing this, I was eyeing this the other week online since it was on sale, but now not too sure with all the glitters :-s – but very lovely packaging though! (found you via Bloglovin btw, thanks for following, just followed you back!) xx Donah

    • Oh, Sam, that would take so many questions. Hehe. :P It’s really hard to find good matte palettes, right? Dx I’m currently not minding my Sleek Bright Mattes palette. I think that’s the name. There are probably more options if you’re looking for neutral colours and not bright ones, though. Sorry, that totally wasn’t helpful. Lol.

  3. Nice review! I really like the soft colours, but the glitter is a bit much for me. Dx
    I do like glitters (hence “sparklychee” xD), but shadows with too much glitter just doesn’t look good on my fat eye lids. =.= I usually just stick to matte shadows or ones with a hint of shimmer. :P

    • Fat eye lids? Pah. xD I’ve never heard of this affliction. I’m sure they’re not. But yes, their softness makes them a bit more wearable.

  4. Wow this is very pretty! Other Asian shadow brands I have tried have been a bit too sheer but this combo looks quite pigmented! Excellent! :)

    • I don’t think I’ve ever used a product that makes my cheeks glitter as much as this. :P I have no idea who coined ‘fall out’ but it’s pretty apt. Thanks for stopping by. ^_^

  5. Wow this palette reminds me a little of the Kanebo Kate Goldish Eyes (Pk-1) which has a pink and gold sheer glitter, a brown liner, and a white highligher. It’s hard to pull of pink, but it’s such a tempting color. For me, I’ll have to have better skin to try that, or the pink will accentuate redness from acne >_>

    Great review, that makeup look photo is helpful!

    • I’ve never tried Kate products because the price point is a bit higher. But I’ve drooled over some of their palettes, even though they’re pretty glittery. xD

      Hah, my thing is that I like to use red and purples. Which really doesn’t work well with my dark circles or the redness of my cheeks. I sometimes do it anyway, though. <..> I think the softness of this pink might stop it from accentuating redness, though.

      Thank you. ^_^ It was pretty simple, but I wanted to show that it doesn’t have to be super out there, even with all the glitter.

      • Some of the kate shadows are more sheer than people might be used to, and it’s good to check reviews and swatches and know what colors look good on ya because yeah, they run a little higher.

        Right now I’m trying the tony moly mint base to see if it helps with the redness, if so, I can try pink shadow at last ^_^

        Maybe all we need is better products (:

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