Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips PPK002 Review + Swatch


Yesterday, I showed you some of the Princess Etoinette Collection for 2012 that Etude House sent me for review. As an Etude House Pink Bird, I’m lucky enough to be able to try a few items from this collection out and share the results with you. The collection embodies girliness and sports packaging designed by world renowned cosmetic bottle designer  Sylvia de France, who was inspired by European royal treasures.

Today, I’m going to be looking at one of the Crystal Shine Lipsticks in shade PPK002. Was it fit for a princess? Read on to find out~

The packaging has the same elegant (albeit cutesy) style as the rest of the collection. It’s fairly unique (I know that’s an oxymoron :P) compared to a lot of the other lipsticks on my make-up counter, which not only makes it easier to locate, but more fun to use, particularly to the eternal child in me. Lol.

The lipstick itself is described as a glossy pearl-based lipstick made with French Royal Jelly extract to create soft, moist lips. It comes in eight shades befitting a princess. Obviously, there are no wild purples or neon blues in this collection. Instead, the lipsticks lean towards peach, apricot and carnation pink. The colour I received was PPK002

One complaint I often see from people reviewing Korean and Japanese lipsticks, particularly those produced by companies with a focus on soft, girly branding, is that the lipsticks aren’t pigmented enough. To be honest, I was expecting a battle to get some opacity from the Crystal Shine Lips line too. I was pleasantly surprised. While the first coat didn’t go on too dramatically opaque, the colour is very buildable. You can go from something sweet and demure (such as the lips featured in ‘tip 2’) to a brighter pop of colour, as seen in tip 4.

Once on, the lipstick has reasonable staying power of a couple of hours. When it does fade, it leaves the lips with a nice ‘my lips but better’ flush. That’s a definite plus for me – I really had when lipsticks leave an awkward ring of colour around my mouth.

The formula is quite nice. It feels really moisturising, almost like a cross between a lipstick and a lip balm, which you can sort of see from the glimmer in the swatch below.

  • Buildable colour
  • Moisturising
  • Doesn’t leave a ring around my lips when it fades
  • Gorgeous, princessy packaging
  • Very wearable colours

  • Have to order online, which can be a little tedious

Overall Rating:  (4.5/5)

So far, I’m pretty impressed with the Princess Etoinette Collection. It’s living up to its girly and playful nature and giving me some adorable products to live on my make-up table. Haha. The Crystal Shine Lipstick is pleasantly moisturising and gives nice, buildable coverage to will suit both people who favour a natural look and girls like me who enjoy a pop of colour. I can’t really find any faults, other than the fact that Etude products are harder to come by in Australia. If you are interested, however, the collection is available from Etude House stores, Gmarket and presumably approved Ebay resellers. The Korean RRP is 13,000 won, which loosely converts to about $11.50.

Would I repurchase: While Etude House provided this one for me for review purposes, I’m hoping to track down PRD301 myself. If you can find them close to retail value, they’re definitely worth picking up for all eternal princesses. Haha.

Have you got your eyes on any of this collection? Are you someone who is guilty of purchasing for packaging? Let me know in a comment~




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  3. Allison @neversaydiebeauty on

    I’m dying to get my hands on one of these lippies before they disappear, but it’s so hard to pick a shade. The company’s swatches seem unreliable, and a don’t want to end up with a totally sheer one. Your review and photos helped a lot! Tyvm

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