Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base in #2 Review + Swatch


Today, I’m excited to be bringing you a review of the much talked about Baby Choux Base from Etude House‘s Sweet Recipe collection. If you’re still unfamiliar with this line, check out my first Sweet Recipe post. But, just to sum things up: Sweet Recipe is Korean cosmetics brand Etude House’s Spring collection for 2013. It’s based loosely upon the Grimm Brothers’ classic, Hansel & Gretel and features a series of deliciously dessert inspired cosmetics, modelled by members of boy band SHINee and F(x)’s F(x’s) Sulli and Krystal.

The choux cream textured make-up base, pictured above, is designed to offer “bright coverage for flawlessly soft skin”. Did it give me the skin of a K-idol? Is it worth picking up? Read on to find out~ 

The Baby Choux Base, as aforementioned, is basically a make-up base or primer with an element of colour correction thrown in. It comes in three colours: mint choux #1, berry choux #2 and peach choux #3. Mint choux is recommended for people with redness, berry choux is recommended for pale skin and peach choux is more yellow toned skin. Really, I think mint choux would have suited me best, because I’m prone to redness (green cancels out red). However, I ended up with berry choux.

The product comes in quite a heavy glass (?) jar. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a little spatula. I don’t mind using clean fingers to apply it, but I know having to dip fingers in products can be a deal breaker for some people.

The instructions for use are printed on the back, conveniently in both English & Korean. Sorry for the lighting and blurriness – I had to take this indoors at night.

Until reading this, I actually didn’t know it contained SPF25+. I’m surprised it hasn’t been used as a more pronounced selling point.

As far as the contents go, unlike most primers, the Baby Choux Base isn’t a gel. Instead, it’s got a soft, airy, whipped texture. Etude House promised us lovely scents along with this collection and I think they delivered. The Berry Baby Choux Base smells like strawberry to my nose, a scent which I absolutely love. However, I did read another blogger call it cherry, so the verdict’s still out on that one Regardless, it’s quite a strong smell during application, so keep that in mind if you’re not a fan of that kind of thing or have sensitive skin. It’s not too cloying, though, and shouldn’t linger for too long.

I’ve been applying this with my fingers prior to using BB cream for the past week or two. So far, I haven’t experienced any suspicious breakouts or irritation. I’m still getting to grips with application. I don’t think I’ve been heavy handed enough with it, but perhaps that’s because it can be slightly daunting to blend out properly. It’s not difficult so much as slightly time consuming.

If I’d applied it more heavily, you’d probably be able to see more of a difference on my hand. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that it’s smoothed over some of the redness there (I had to scrub some pen off my hand just before taking the photo, lol) and a cut from my mean cat.

Here, you can see it on my cheek. Again, it’s removed some of the redness there but not as much as mint choux probably would have done. I’m not going to show you my whole face with just the base on because, quite frankly, I need more coverage than that. I don’t want to scare anyone. 

Instead, here’s a photo after I applied BB cream (Tony Moly’s Cat Wink) over the top. It’s kind of a weird photo. My first attempt at leaving my water line unlined with black. It’s kind of freaky. Lol.

While it doesn’t offer much coverage, Baby Choux Base did make my BB cream go on smoother and stopped it settling in fine lines. Additionally, I’d say it makes my BB cream last an additional few hours. I don’t typically bother with a primer because I’m generally not out all day and all night, but this would definitely be useful on longer days when I still need to look semi-decent at night without reapplying my make-up.

  • Fans of cute packaging
  • Lovers of sweets & fragranced cosmetics (Love berry scents~)
  • People looking for an extra few hours wear for their foundation/BB cream
  • Anyone needing to correct minor pigmentation issues pre-foundation/BB cream
  • People who have dry skin and want to create a smooth canvas for their make-up
  • Anyone looking for extra SPF in their skincare

  • Anyone who doesn’t like to dip their fingers straight into products
  • Clumsy people – the jar is quite heavy and fragile (I’m worried I’ll break it)
  • People who don’t like tracking down cosmetics online
  • Anyone sensitive to fragranced cosmetics
  • People who don’t have time to carefully blend

The Etude House Baby Choux Base is a nice, simple addition to my  beauty routine on days when I’m looking for longer lasting make-up. Like most Etude House products, it has lovely packaging to suck all us cute make-up fans in. And who could forget the gorgeous berry scent?  Additionally, the product offers SPF25, which is always a plus. If you’re in the market for a new primer, I suggest you check it out. I still don’t look like a flawless K-Pop idol, but with a RRP of around $9, the quality is surprisingly good. Lol.

You can pick it up from English Gmarket, Etude House stores, eBay (watch out for fakes) and other Korean cosmetics retailers.

What do you think? Have you tried anything from the Sweet Recipe collection?

* I was given this product to review as an Etude House Pink Bird. However, my opinions are my own and uncompromised.



  1. Sam Bear | A Curiosity on

    After reading this I’m really excited to receive my peach choux! I ordered it a few days ago from Ebay, now I just gotta wait for my baby to arrive in the mail! I’ve never tried a priming/base before my foundation but I really hope it helps!

    • I don’t usually use one, but it actually seems to really help my bb cream last all day. Also, the smell is awesome. xD

      • Sam Bear | A Curiosity on

        Just a quick aside, I received mine and it came with a spatula so I’m curious as to why yours didn’t have one?

        • That’s really odd. Maybe they’ve amended it, or maybe the eBay seller included it? Was it generic or marked with Etude House?

          • Sam Bear | A Curiosity on

            It wasn’t marked with the Etude House brand or anything – perhaps the seller did include it? A pretty thoughtful gesture if they did though!

  2. Hi Bethany this looks cute and it looks great paired with the BB cream on you! However, I too am thinking ?! about the open jar. So far of this line of products which you have reviewed, I’m liking the nail polish and lipstick best! :)

    • It’s a tricky one. I’m not sure which I prefer out of the nail polish and the lipstick, honestly. Of course, now my mind is wandering to eBay to look at all the other products in the line. :P

  3. Thank you so much for the review!!(n__n) I’m covincing me to buy this product, because apart from being a big fan of Etude House ♥ (I like adorable packaging and love the new collection Sweet Recipe) I would like to have a primer / makeup base, I’m especially interested in the tone mint choux to help me to reduce the redness in my cheeks.
    Hope you are having a nice day!!( ・ω・)ノ

    • Thanks for the feedback, Danitza. ^^ It’s a good product, made even better by the nice scent. Haha. I wonder what the green one smells like.

  4. pinky kasahara on

    Hi Bethany! ^^
    Just to double check before I buy. Lol. I have a fair skin, like it’s not that white, and not that brown. Which of the three will you recommend? ♥ Thanks ^^

    • Hey, Pinky~ Uh, if you have fair skin, I would recommend Berry choux (#2), unless you’ve got yellow undertones to your skin – in that case, pick Peach Choux. If you’re looking specifically to cancel redness (I am fair but definitely experience redness), pick mint choux. So, most likely berry would be best. Thanks for stopping by. <3

  5. Your eyes *-*
    I really want to try the mint one as well, but I was worried! The reaction’s around this are really 50/50 T.T
    I already have a green base of Etude House’s and I don’t really like it, the texture is weird and did not look good :/

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