Innisfree Glossy Lip Lacquer in #6 Maple Burgundy Pink Review + Swatches


PR Sample Innisfree Glossy Lip Lacquer in #6 Maple Burgundy Pink You know how I been waiting to try an Innisfree product for ages? I finally have, in the form of this Innisfree Glossy Lip Lacquer in #6, courtesy of Mauve and burgundy are trending like crazy this Autumn (for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere), so let’s check out Innisfree’s contribution

What is it?

Innisfree is a Korean brand operating under the Amore Pacific family (like Etude House). It’s one of the first and leading eco-friendly Korean cosmetics companies. The brand strongly supports environmental activism and sustainability and prides itself on using natural ingredients. 

The Innisfree Glossy Lip Lacquers are part of Innisfree’s Fall 2013 line, accompanying the Color Glow lipsticks. The Glossy Lip Lacquers are meant to complement the Color Glow lipsticks but can also been worn alone for a more subtle pop of colour. They come in ten different colours from flattering peaches to more dramatic wine hues that follow the seasonal trend for vampy lips.

The lip lacquers promise to add intense colour and long lasting luster to your lips. The formula is touted as non-sticky and moisturising, and contains camellia oil for hydration. Also, the product is free of animal by-products, talc and benzophenone.

The packaging is fairly simple, as the lacquers come unboxed (probably due to their environmental stance?). I don’t mind the lack of ‘kawaii’. The labelling is sophisticated and elegant.

The colour I’m reviewing today is #6 Maple Burgundy Pink .
Innisfree Glossy Lip Lacquer

How did it perform?

I’ve been using this lip lacquer on and off all week. Sometimes I apply it with the doe applicator provided and other times I use my own lip brush. Because the colour is quite intense, I tend to favour the lip brush for a little more control.

Once applied to my lips, it fulfils its first promise of a non-sticky formula. I hate when lip glosses are so sticky that my hair ends up attached to my lips.  It has no discernible taste or smell.

Non-sticky glosses have a tendency to be drying. However, this is not the case with the Innisfree Glossy Lip Lacquers. The formula was really hydrating and didn’t accentuate the lines on my lips too much.

As for the lasting time, they obviously don’t last as long as a lipstick, but I can manage three or so hours (if I eat/drink carefully) without having to touch it up (longer with a lip liner base). Fortunately, it fades relatively evenly, so you won’t look silly if you don’t have time to reapply it.

The opacity is pretty decent. Calling it a lip lacquer as opposed to a gloss gave me slightly higher expectations, though. It’s all about the product framing, isn’t it? If it was just called a gloss, I’d think the opacity was awesome.

The colour? On the promotional swatches, #6 photographs as a red-leaning purple hue.

Innisfree Glossy Lip Lacquer When I applied it to my own lips, it leaned a little more pink. It’s still a lovely colour, but I do wish I’d managed to get something a little closer to the colour of the original watch. Maybe I’d have better luck if I owned the lipstick to wear underneath it (edit: wearing lip liner beneath it helps it achieve a truer colour).

Innisfree Glossy Lip Lacquer swatch As you can probably see from the swatches, as far as glossiness goes, it’s gorgeous. The gloss is long lasting, too. I can actually see some trees reflected in the photo of my lips. Lol.

Innisfree Glossy Lip Lacquer swatch

Where to buy?

Online Price: $9.99 USD is currently selling all ten shades for $9.99 each with free shipping. Click here to go directly to the product.




  • Anyone looking to embrace the Autumn trend for mauve and burgundy lips
  • Fans of non-sticky, hydrating lip gloss
  • Those wanting to try dramatic lips without going overboard (the lip lacquer is a good test, before buying a full opacity lip stick)
  • People who love sporting glossy lips (this makes my lips super glossy)
  • Anyone looking to delve into Innisfree as a brand (this was a great starting point for me)
  • People looking for an environmentally conscious brand


  • People who live outside of Asia and don’t like to shop online
  • People who don’t like that ‘wet lip’ look


Innisfree Glossy Lip Lacquer
Innisfree Glossy Lip Lacquer comes in a gorgeous range of Autumn colours. It has a non-sticky, hydrating formula and a beautiful glossy finish. The pigmentation is greater than that of a lip-gloss but less opaque than a lipstick. The lasting time isn’t super impressive, but it fades evenly. Slight feathering.
Retail Price: 7/10 Formula: 8/10 Longevity: 5/10 Final Product: 7/10
Repurchase: Yes.

Have you tried anything from Innisfree before? Are you embracing the mauve trend for Autumn?



  1. Fräulein Schnee on

    I was curious abou this lip lacquer. Especially the color, but I wished it would be more on the burgundy side concerning the color. thanks for this informative review ♥

  2. Wow, beautiful color! I actually wanted to buy this too but looking at your review, it looks too glossy for me..though it’s quite good considering the non-sticky characteristic..i just dislike the glossy look since i already had this thick lips..TT

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