Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream Preview


Snail cream. Sounds a little bit icky, right? Well, icky or not, snail cream has taken the Korean cosmetics market by storm. Check it out~That’s right. A number of reputable Korean cosmetics companies, including Etude House, Tony Moly & Missha have come up with skincare lines that boast from 20% to 74% snail secretion filtrate. The snail secretion is rumoured to:

  • Decrease signs of aging
  • Whiten skin
  • Improve acne
  • Repair skin

I have to admit, I was curious.  But, being a Beauty Junkie on a Budget, I didn’t really fancy the idea of paying $35 + to try out creams made of snail mucous. Lol. So, I hit up Ebay and found another Korean brand, Mizon. In their official eBay store, it retails for $17 USD (plus $5 shipping). However, I bought mine from Legendeux (I am not affiliated with this seller) for $12 AUD with free shipping for the 45ml tube.

Well, Mizon’s Snail Recovery Gel Cream arrived yesterday. My sisters asked me how I could even think of putting something like that on my face. Hehe. This isn’t a review, because I haven’t been using it long enough to see a difference. In a few weeks, I’ll let you know how I went. I have quite oily skin, so it might make me break out.

Until then, here are the ingredients (sorry it’s a little blurry):

Have you ever used a snail cream? Let me know in a comment~



  1. Oh, wow, I thought I did a proper review on this one! Alysia, I’d definitely recommend it, particularly if you have oily or combination skin. I found that it addressed the balance and seemed to clear up minor break outs. Also, Mizon is pretty much the most affordable priced snail cream I’ve come across. If it works, why pay more for fancier packaging? Haha.

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