4pcs Stamp Biscuit Mold
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4pcs Stamp Biscuit Mold

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Bake the Perfect, Cutest Cookies for occasions, with these Stamp Biscuit Molds! They come in with themed sets that simply shape cookies into cute, perfect shapes!
4SBM Beauty Junkie
Ideal for Festivals, such as Christmas, Valentines, Birthdays and more! These fun mold also stamp details onto your cookies, decorating them in one instant!
4SBM Beauty Junkie
Widely Applicable for different baking, crafting projects. Safe to use. Keep your cookies unique and varied in themed design! Great for both beginners and professions!
4SBM Beauty Junkie


  • Themed Biscuit Molds
    Mold biscuits and cookies into perfect, themed shapes! Best for Christmas, New Year, Valentines and more!
  • Decorative Details
    Not only stamping perfect shapes, it also stamps on details, cute and decorative.

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  • Non-Stick Plunger
    Easy to stamp on, non-sticky, easy to mold off.

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  • Easy To Use
    Ideal for beginners! Simply press the mold onto flattened dough and lift. Enjoy fun shaped cookies!
  • Widely Applicable
    Perfect for designing cookies,  chocolate, clay, soap or other crafts! Widely applicable and endless fun!

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  • Premium Quality
    Durably made with food-grade plastic. Extra safe to use and long-lasting.


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Color: Purple


  • 4pcs Stamp Biscuit Mold x 1

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