5PCS Poly Extention Gel Nail Set

5PCS Poly Extention Gel Nail Set

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Package Contents:

1Set 15ml Nail Quick Building Crystal Soak Off Gel Nail Polish

Features :

This poly nail gel for nails kit has no chips or smudges and won’t peel off easily. Last for around 2-3 weeks with proper application.

It.Perfect for personal DIY nail art use at home and professional salon beauty shop. Make your own nail decoration now!

Made of non-toxic and harmless ingredients, minimal smell, color resistant, shiny resistant.

Require: Need to be used with base and top coat, slip solutions(optional), and cured under UV/LED nail lamp.

The Mix and match Diamond colors make you stand out from the crowd and glow with glamour. Suitable for dating, party, and daily work.

How to keep long-lasting?

1. Before applying the base coat, be sure to remove extra horniness and dust from the nail surface.

2. In the process of manicure, make sure that the nail glue has been dry, and then brush another layer.

3. After getting your nails done, try not to use your fingernails to open cans, LIDS, nutshells, or other hard objects to keep the nail from wearing away.

4. Crystal glue belongs to colloid, winter will decrease with the temperature, appear thickening phenomenon, which is a normal reaction.

5. Due to the high viscosity of crystal glue, it is difficult to squeeze in winter. Try to squeeze from the end.

How to use it?

1. Using sponges rubbing to polish inside and edge roundly.

2. Apply a thin base coat, cures with LED lamp 60s or UV lamp 90s.

3. Using a suitable model of the shape of the hand of the nail.

4. Apply poly nail gel on the nail model, use a nail art pen with the slip solution to make the gel smooth.

5. Stick it in your nails and make sure it is fully plying-up, cure with LED lamp 60s or UV lamp 90s.

6. Remove the fake nail tip, trim the shape and polish your nails.

7. Apply top coat and cure it under UV/LED lamp.

8. Design your nail with your satisfied patterns.

How to remove?

1. Use a nail file to file the nail surface.

2. Wrap it tight in remover wraps, then holding for 5 mins.

3. Use a cuticle peeler to make it down slightly.

4. At last, smear nutrient oil around the nails.


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100% brand new
Professional quality nail gel ingredients which give glossy and long-lasting nail color.
Allow you to create beautiful nail designs in short time.
Good colors for all occasions.

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Professional usage:

  • Step 1: Clean Nails then trim nail surface as normal manicure process.

  • Step 2: Apply a thin layer of Primer and cure under nail lamp.(NO NEED LAMP)

  • Step 3: Apply a thin layer of Base Coat and cure under nail lamp.(Cure 30 seconds)

  • Step 4: Use nail tips,and take out the poly nail gel on nail tips,to extention.(Cure 30-60 seconds)

  • Step 5: Trim the shapes of nails.

  • Step 6:Apply top coat and cure it under UV/LED lamp.(Cure 30-60 seconds)

  • Step 7:Design your nail with your satisfied patterns.

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