Blossom Marble Ink Polish
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Blossom Marble Ink Polish

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Create fast, easy and incredible marble, rose and watercolor tie-dye effects right at home!
g1 cae62a9e 7e5e 4875 bd9f Beauty JunkieThe special formula gives a tie-dye and marble blooming effect to create your own masterpiece every time. Each nails is unlike any other, original and extraordinary!
g2 a35fc426 39a8 4aca 85f7 Beauty JunkieNow you don’t have to go to expensive salons to get those jaw-dropping nails!
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  • Marble Blooming Effect
    Gives out a tie-dye, fade out effect with every touch.
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  • Original & Extraordinary Design
    The marble blooming effect makes every design unlike any other.
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  • For Beginners
    No skills, No technique! Create incredible marble nails at home in No Time!
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  • At-Home Nail Art
    Save money and time on nail salons when you can do it at home.
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  • Quick Drying
    Dries quickly in just 30 seconds without UV lamp.
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  • Toxin-Free
    Formulated with toxin-free ingredients for a safer and healthier nail bed.
  • Fade-Proof
    Long-lasting polish lasts for up to a month.


  1. Apply a layer of white gel polish and cure it.
  2. Unleash your inner artist! Lightly dip Blossom polish to create the marble effect.
  3. Apply a layer to top coat and cure it.


  • Ingredients: Resin
  • Color: Orange/ Grey/ Yellow/ Green/ Sky Blue/ Raspberry/ Navy/ Coral/ Purple/ Pink
  • Net Weight: 15ml
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  • 1 x Blossom Marble Ink Polish