Boost Up Car Exhaust Handy Cleaner
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Boost Up Car Exhaust Handy Cleaner

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Instantly Clean Converter  without removing it!
Resolve the problem of Awful smells and obvious decreasing of fuel in your vehicle!

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Specifically formulated to clean catalytic converter ,other car parts: Oxygen Sensor, Fuel Injectors, Cylinder Heads and more! 
Super Effective and Safe for Gasoline, Diesel, Hybrid, Flex-Fuel Vehicles. Cut down 50% of Fuel Consumption!

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Boosts the Fuel Injection System, as well as the cylinders to improve overall performance of the engine.
Keeping engine’s proper fuel and exhaust flow smoother, cleaner and better!
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Simply pour into your fuel tank.
Stop the dreaded “service engine” light flashing up on your display, and get a better engine performance!
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Proper fuel and exhaust flow will keep that engine running cleaner, smoother, better!
Also cut down on maintenance costs.
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Lower Total Hydrocarbon Emissions by up to 50%!
Reduces carbon build-up in the catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, fuel injectors and cylinder heads, which result in improved fuel efficiency.
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Multi-functional Cleaner!
Except cleaning the catalytic converter, it also clean up other parts, such as oxygen sensor, fuel injectors, cylinder heads, and others.
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Widely Applicable for ALL CARS!
Safe for Gasoline, Diesel, Hybrid, Flex-fuel vehicles.
Does not alter fuel. Not for use in 2 stroke, or oil/gas mix engine.
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Formulation: Liquid
Net Weight: 120ml

Package Includes:
Boost Up Car Exhaust Handy Cleaner x 1
Boost Up Car Exhaust Handy Cleaner x 2