1670 UPC Gel Polish 6 pcs/ Set

1670 UPC Gel Polish 6 pcs/ Set

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What you get?
Base Coat + Top Coat + 4 Colors


Product Description: 

●Item Include: 4 different colors + base coat+ top coat. That will help you no more struggle to decide which colors should to select and do not need to buy the base and top coat set separately.

High Quality: Long lasting and good tenacity that easy to apply, with proper application, it can last up to 14 to 21 days. Color resistant, flexible and shiny resistant to any test, create a high shine, luxury manicure with instant results.

Healthy Care: Environment-friendly products with healthy ingredients, low smell, NON-TOXIC. Enjoy the fun of making nails and need to be cured under UV/LED nail dryer light.




Color: Base Coat + Top Coat + 4 Colors

Capacity: 7.5ml * 6pcs

Curing Lamp: LED/ UV lamp


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