French Chip-Proof Manicure Kit
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French Chip-Proof Manicure Kit

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This is the secret to get Perfect French Nails in seconds!
g1 386d03cd a55f 474b 9f0d Beauty JunkieSimply glue on & snap the french nail tips to get pristine salon nails! Instantly lengthen, strengthen and shape nails to provide professional results in the comfort of your own home.
g2 1ae0b82c d19d 4193 aed6 Beauty Junkie Easy to apply, trim to size and paint to create custom designs. Strong and chip-free for up to 3 weeks, delivering a flawless, long lasting and salon quality french nails!
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  • Perfect French Nails
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  • Just stick & snap to enjoy the pristine salon nails!
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  • Easily trim to size for all finger sizes
  • Enhanced with Flex-Fit technology for a natural, comfortable wear
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  • Long Lasting and chip-free up to 3 weeks
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  • 100pc Nail Tips Set (10 different sizes)


  1. Apply glue on the tip where it will make contact with the natural nail.
  2. Apply a thin layer of glue on the natural nail.
  3. Hold the handle of the tip, press and hold the tips on the nails for 10 seconds around.
  4. Cut off the handle and file lightly.


  • 100 PCS x¬†¬†French Chip-Proof¬†Tips
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