Multifunctional Car Pocket
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Multifunctional Car Pocket

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Easy Organised your necessities in a pocket! Phones, Cards, Keys, all in ONE!
MCP Beauty JunkieThis Multifunctional Car Pocket is in tiny in size but large in volume!You can store your road essentials, such as smartphones, cards, car keys, lighters, money, pens, memos, etc.
MCP Beauty JunkieIts transparent phone holder allows touch screen without any restriction! Simply install and take off, just hang it on the car vents! 
MCP Beauty Junkie


  • Multi-Functional
    With 1 big pocket for storing chargers, notepads, money, car keys, etc, 1 transparent pocket for smartphone1 pocket for lighter1 pocket for pen or sunglasses, with charge port design
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  • Easy Organised
    Keep your road essentials neat and organised. Small in size but large in volume! Create more storage space!
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  • Touch Screen Design
    You can still use touch screen freely when using GPS.
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  • Widely Applicable
    Can be installed to most types of car vents, including vertical, horizontal and slant. Perfectly fits for all smartphones from 4 to 6.8-inch.
  • Easy Installation
    Simple and easy to set up, which only takes 1 minute for installation.
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  • Premium Material
    Made of high quality PU leather, adding a stylish interior to your car.


  • Material: PU leather
  • Size: 10*5.5*12cm
  • Color: Brown, Red, Black, Beige, Grey
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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Multifunctional Car Pocket