NanoView™ Car Antifog Film
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NanoView™ Car Antifog Film

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Keep your car mirror & window 100% clear in all weather with our NanoView™ Antifog Film!NCAF Beauty JunkieSimply peel & stick to instantly prevent fog, glare, water & scratch on your surface within seconds. Effectively avoid all traffic accidents caused by blurred vision & dangerous driving on the road.NCAF THT BBP V1 900 Beauty JunkieGet this ultimate multi-protective film for your car now to enjoy utmost clarity & driving safety!NCAF THT BBP V1 900 Beauty Junkie


  • Multi-protective Car Film
    This anti-fog, anti-glare, rainproof, scratchproof nano film brings you the most clear vision & driving safety no matter the weather!
    NCAF THT BBP V1 900 Beauty Junkie
  • No More Fog, Glare, Mist or Rain!
    Comparing with those anti-fog spray, our NanoView™ can last for years with even more clarity2 526982f5 0a8f 46ed b553 Beauty Junkie
  • Avoid Traffic Accident
    Get this lasting protection for yourself & others on the road! If you got your car crashed, you can repair it. But it’s not a joke if people got hurt in traffic accidents
  • Easy to Use
    Made of premium PET & nano-coat rain film, water droplets spread quickly on your car surface with no dew condensation
  • 100% Transparency
    Prevent fog & mist to form on your mirror, especially on those cold & humid days3 19324793 2133 49c5 a8f1 Beauty Junkie
  • For Your Rear Mirror & Window
    Bring high definition vision like there’s nothing on your rear mirror or window surface! So you can drive carefree as usual


  1. Wipe mirror & spray some water on the surface.
  2. Remove backing paper & slide film onto mirror.
  3. Scrape the water out with any card.
  4. Remove the second resist film.


  • Size: Oval 5.9″ x 3.9″ / 150 x 100 mm for Side Mirror
    or rectangular (7.9″ x 6.9″ / 200 x 175mm) for Side Window


  • 2 / 4 x NanoView™ Car Antifog Films
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